Harbright Ventures is a proud partner of NC State University's Wolfpack Investor Network (WIN)

Empowering Tomorrow: Harbright Ventures & the Wolfpack Investor Network

Harbright Ventures takes great pride in its role as a dedicated partner of the NC State University Wolfpack Investor Network (WIN).

As an early stage investment group, Harbright recognizes the importance of fostering innovation and supporting the growth of promising businesses.

The Wolfpack Investor Network serves as a dynamic platform that unites the entrepreneurial spirit of NC State with the vast reach of its alumni network.

By aligning with WIN, Harbright Ventures actively contributes to the mission of empowering businesses that shape the future.

Through collaborative efforts, Harbright leverages its expertise and resources to play a vital role in the success of innovative private companies associated with the Wolfpack Investor Network, further strengthening the bond between entrepreneurship and education.